"Докато има бедни и богати, управляващи и управлявани, няма да има мир, нито мирът ще бъде желан, защото такъв мир ще бъде основан на политическо, икономическо и социално неравенство за милиони човешки същества, които страдат от глад, безчинства, затвор и смърт, докато малко малцинство се наслаждава на всякакви видове удоволствия и свободата да не правят нищо"

Рикардо Флорес Магон, 1911

11 октомври 2010

The Gay Pride Parade in Belgrade, Serbia

These are some thoughts about the gay parade in Belgrade. This is written by a person who lives close to Serbia and this text represents only her opinion.

The first successful gay pride parade took place in Serbia despite the attacks with stones and bombs from the homophobes. Around 1000 people participated. In previous years all such events were cancelled with brutal violence.

It seems clear that the success of this year parade was because of the government support and massive police presence. It is clear why government gave its support - they want to please their new "partners" from Western Europe and USA. But all this do not put a black spot on the fact that a lot of ordinary people with homosexual or heterosexual orientation walk on Belgrade streets and said clear - "YES to diversity, NO to fascism and homophobia".

My solidarity IS NOT FOR the police who faced the heavy rain of stones from "Serbian patriots" and a lot of them were seriously hurt (reports said about 90 policemen were injured). Policemen did not put themselves in danger because they feel sympathy toward gays, they did this because they are paid to follow orders. Even best or worst police act is done for money with less and less emotions - just like robocops. The policeman of the future with have no emotions at all so he can do his "professional duties" at his best.

My solidarity IS NOT FOR the politicians who supported the gay parade. They just lick asses of their western masters and tomorrow if they find a stronger master, they will turn to 180 degrees. For example if Iran become a super-power (a disaster scenario for humankind), a lot of governments and politicians will change direction. Then how much of today politicians who praise democracy and tolerance toward gays will keep doing this ? A lot of them will quickly start to praise "Iranian model".

My solidarity IS FOR ordinary people of Serbia - gays or not, who year after year do not stop to struggle despite threats and serious beatings. These people deserve full support because they will keep fighting for their ideas no matter if police protect them or beat them and no matter if they have the support of a "pro-democratic" government or they are repressed by a "pro-taliban" Serbian rule.

I saw a proud anarchist flag on the gay pride parade so the only thing I can say is: "Револуционарни поздрав, другови!" (Revolutionary greetings, comrades!)

Kitty Styles, an anarchist girl from Bulgaria

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