"Докато има бедни и богати, управляващи и управлявани, няма да има мир, нито мирът ще бъде желан, защото такъв мир ще бъде основан на политическо, икономическо и социално неравенство за милиони човешки същества, които страдат от глад, безчинства, затвор и смърт, докато малко малцинство се наслаждава на всякакви видове удоволствия и свободата да не правят нищо"

Рикардо Флорес Магон, 1911

13 март 2011

Revolutionary Benghazi of today is like revolutionary Madrid of the past

It is hard to find objective information about what is going on in Libya. All official medias are propaganda machines from one end of the spectrum to the other – from Fox News to Al Jazeera. But despite manipulations more and more I get the feeling that revolutionary Benghazi of today is like revolutionary Madrid of the time of the civil war in Spain.

Here I have some news reports from RT, which is somewhere in the middle of the info war. This television is serving the interests of the government of Russia and they do manipulates too – at the beginning of the conflict they broadcasted a news report that russian military satellites has proven that Gaddafi has not used military airplanes and no bombardment took place. At the same time all others TVs showed the destruction from bombardments and even Gaddafi’s forces admitted that they used planes (they claimed only against warehouses with ammunitions). But in the last week this TV showed rebels as well so that is why I put them in the middle of the propaganda spectrum.

Every day the situation is getting worse for the rebels as Gaddafi forces are getting closer and closer to Benghazi. In the city one can feel the desperation but also revolutionary determination to fight till the end – just as once upon a time these feeling where common for Madrid as fascist hordes approached.

In this news report we can see who are the real rebels and they (surprise, surprise!) are not CIA agents neither mercenaries of imperialism, they are quite young people who never ever used a weapon before. It is clear that they are doing this in the name of their ideals not in the name of money supposedly given to them by USA as some “left” intellectuals claim.

News agencies in Bulgaria repeated non-stop that the leaders of oppositions are people who have been with Gaddafi till recently and even the minister of justice is there – he is guilty for the torturing of some bulgarian medics before some years. Yes, it is true! So what? Always the scumbags try to get on top of people movement. And yes – this is another similarity with revolutionary Spain. While anarchists fought on the frontline and people organized collectives in villages, in the government of republican Spain there were bourgeois elements and stalinists controlled by Moscow who even worked against the revolution. Make clear distinction between people on the streets of Benghazi and the self-proclaimed “leaders” who visit non-stop Europa, Paris, European parliament…

Let see what are the weapons of the rebels…

These are civilian cars quickly turned into primitive war vehicles. These are no match for tanks and airplanes of Gaddafi. Nothing new – soldiers defending revolution in Spain were short of weapons too.

Also I want to remind about the great intellectual and cultural development is Spain in the time of the revolution. People awaked – they organized demonstrations, printed newspapers, composed revolutionary songs, theatre groups roamed the country. The same can be seen in Benghazi. The most passionate art is born from the anger of the youth – they started to draw cartoons, a rap song became the unofficial anthem of the revolution…

When civil war in Spain started, a weapon embargo was applied, today they are talking about “no fly zone” in Libya.

When war in Spain started, thousands organized solidarity demonstrations all around the world, many people went to Spain as volunteers. Today once again people organize demonstrations this time in solidarity with freedom fighters of Libya. Young people from Egypt are organizing transportation of medical stuff and other things to the rebels.

The last similarity between revolutionary Benghazi and revolutionary Madrid may be very sad. The revolution in Spain ended in blood, Franco, the dictator crushed all desires for freedom. Will Benghazi end in bloodbath ? I hope not but chances are not on the side of the rebels fighting for freedom…

Kitty Styles, Bulgaria

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