"Докато има бедни и богати, управляващи и управлявани, няма да има мир, нито мирът ще бъде желан, защото такъв мир ще бъде основан на политическо, икономическо и социално неравенство за милиони човешки същества, които страдат от глад, безчинства, затвор и смърт, докато малко малцинство се наслаждава на всякакви видове удоволствия и свободата да не правят нищо"

Рикардо Флорес Магон, 1911

30 януари 2010

News from Bulgaria - January 2010

14 January. There was a protest against the government but it was very small and aimless. Maybe this is because in 2009 on the same date there was a protest too. A lot of people were on the streets but provocateurs-fascists ruin it. So a lot of people get disappointed. So if protests are so easy to ruin why not to use some direct action ?

A new social phenomenon is going on in Bulgaria. Some people do shoplifting but there are more and more security in the stores. So some old people (which are hit hard by the economic crisis) are doing something a little bit different. They go to big stores like BILLA and METRO (european equivalent to Wal-Mart) and instead taking food out from the store, they consume it fast into the store. Even if they get caught, they cannot return it because they have already eaten it and they cannot pay because they do not carry money with them.

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