"Докато има бедни и богати, управляващи и управлявани, няма да има мир, нито мирът ще бъде желан, защото такъв мир ще бъде основан на политическо, икономическо и социално неравенство за милиони човешки същества, които страдат от глад, безчинства, затвор и смърт, докато малко малцинство се наслаждава на всякакви видове удоволствия и свободата да не правят нищо"

Рикардо Флорес Магон, 1911

30 юли 2009

News from Bulgaria - July 2009

On 8 July 2009 someone stole a lot of money from an ex-minister and deputy. Well, it is only a half of the job. They steal from the rich but did not give to the poor.

This year second Gay Pride Parade took place in Sofia. This time nazis did not show up, so the nazis boneheads were not beaten.

On 22 July a man was killed in a road incident in city of Ihtiman. Quickly around 300 people gathered there. When police arrive, a man attacked them with an axe and broke windscreens of two police cars. When cops tried to arrest him, other people start to push the policemen and the man escaped. Riot started. Everything calm down only after gendarme units arrived. Later in the night the man was arrested.

And the best is for the last. On 28 July a 16-years old girl opened fire with an air rifle against a policeman. She was shooting from the home. The policeman was slightly injured in the back. Soon more police came. There are two different versions of what happened next. Most news agencies claimed that cops talked with her father and did not arrest her while others claimed that the girl continued to shoot until she was disarmed and arrested. Anyway, some may say it is better when kids shoot at pigs instead at each other at school and that is not far from the truth.

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